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CD operation guide in Instant Mode

CD operation guide in Instant Mode

    You can use most common functions of CD in AV Mode.

    1. Press AV Mode, select CD.DVD.
    2. Press Eject button, insert the CD disc.
    3. Press Play/Pause, playback the CD.

    You can see many options after pressing Context Menu .

    1. Repeat: select whether to repeat all the songs in the audio CD or the current one only; or disable the function.
    2. Shuffle: select whether to enable or disable the random-order playback function.
    3. LCD Brightness: adjust the LCD brightness. Press Right to enter the interface. Press Left/Right to adjust the brightness, then press Enter to save the setting.
    4. Information On/Off: shows or hides the information on the audio CD in play, the sleep timer, and the battery.
    5. General Setup: offer the settings of menu language, sleep timer, version, and operation guide on/off.

    For more information, please refer to the manual for the Instant Mode.