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[Windows Vista] How to evaluate the PC Performance?

[Windows Vista] How to evaluate the PC Performance?

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In Windows Vista, an evaluation of the PC's Performance can be performed through the Performance Information and Tools in Control Panel.
The result of the evaluation will be displayed in Windows experience index. A higher base score generally means that the PC performs better and faster.

What is Windows experience index?
The Windows Experience Index measures the capability of the PC's hardware and software configuration and expresses this measurement as a number called a base score or the lowest subscore.
Items are displayed as the following:
•Gaming graphics
•Primary Hard Disk

1.Click the Start button and click Control Panel.

2. When Control Panel appears, click System and Maintenance.

3. Click Performance Information and Tools.

4. Display the Performance Information and Tools window.

    1. Notes about the first Performance Evaluation
Click Check your computer's Windows Experience Index base score.

    2. Notes about the Performance Evaluation after the first evaluation.
Click Update my score.

5. If the User Account Control message appears, click the Continue button.
For the standard users, please see this FAQ - [Windows Vista]About User Account Control

7. The evaluation is starting. Please wait.

8. After the evaluation, it will display the newest Windows experience index (*).

The result of the evaluation will be displayed in the Subscore area.
The"Basic Score" is determined by the lowest subscore.
*The base score represents the overall performance of the system as a whole, based on the capabilities of different parts of the PC.

9.The following picture is an example.