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[Windows Vista] How to use Windows DVD Maker to create DVD movies?

    [Windows Vista]How to use Windows DVD Maker to create DVD movies?

    ■ How to create DVD movies
    1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Windows DVD Maker.
    2. Click the button.
    * If No longer display this page  is selected, it will never display the Sharing Memory screen when the program is started the next time.
    3. Click the Add items button.
    4. Open the saved file for what you want to write in, and then choose the file. Choose anything to add and click the Add button.
    * Press Ctrl  key to choose more than one document at a time.
    6. Make changes such as Add and Sort to the item.When the preparation is complete, click the Next button.
    * The following can be in the screen of Add to pictures and images DVD.
    Add or delete items
    Change the order of items
    Select a driver
    Double click the item of file's icon
    Extend the item.
    Change the headline.
    Make detailed settings to DVD.
    7. Edit Project in the screen of Prepare for writing in DISC.
    About the executive edition in the picture of Prepare for writing in DISC, please refer to About the edition of PROJECT.
    8. When the Prepare for writing in DISC screen appears after the preparation is completed, please insert DVD Media into the drive and click the Write in button.
    9. Display Already write in DISC and click the Close button.
    When writing the same content in other DVD medias, insert the DVD Media into the drive and click the Make another copy of this DISC button.
    10. Click the Close button on the Windows DVD MAKER picture and the process if completed.
    11. When the Save PROJECT before closed? message appears, click any key. 

    ■ About the edition of Project

    User can edit Project in Write in DISC. The operation can be executed and pictures can be displayed as below.

    Preview images in DVD films.
    •Menu text
    Edit the COMMENT used to insert images.
    •Customize the menu
    Customize the layout of a menu picture.
    •Slide Show
    Set the music and effects of a Slide Show.
    •Style of menu
    Choose the Layout of a menu picture according to a theme.