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[Windows Vista] How to use Windows Movie Maker to write into media?

[Windows Vista] How to use Windows Movie Maker to write into media?

    Windows Movie Maker preinstalled in Windows Vista can write finished Projects into Media format, add into E-mail, etc.

    ■ How to write into CD Media

    1. Insert the CD into drive.
    2. Click File menu and select Movie Distributed.
    3. Click CD available to be input and click the next button.
    4. Input any name in file name and CD name, then click the next button.
    5. Choose any setting and click the distribute button.
    6. Display the Movie being distributed window, wait a moment.
    7.Display Movie Distributed, click the End button.

    ■ How to write into DVD Media
    As Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Business has no preinstalled Windows DVD Maker, Windows Movie Maker cannot be used to write into DVD Media format.
    1. Click the File menu, and select Movie Distributed.
    2. Click the DVD function, and click the Next button.
    3. When the following message appears, click the OK button.
    As Movie is to be writing into a DVD, Windows Movie Maker will save and close the Project.

    Windows DVD Maker will start.
    4. Appoint another location to save the given file, input the file name, and click the Save button.
    5. Windows DVD Maker will automatically start. To use Windows DVD Maker to write into DVD, please see this FAQ - [Windows Vista]How to use Windows DVD Maker to make DVD movie.