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How to write a movie or a still image to a DVD?

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Writing a movie or still image to a DVD.

Please follow the steps below to write a movie file or still image file to a DVD-R/RW media.
1. Click Create DVD on the operation step guide.
2. Insert a DVD-R/RW to the DVD-R/RW drive of the computer.
Note: Data cannot be written to the DVD-R/RW or a DVD+R/RW that already contains data.
3. Click Create DVD.
Note: The time to create a DVD varies depending on the length of the images to record and the processing speed of the computer. Normally, it takes about 3 hours to record a movie of 1 hour duration.
4. When the creation is completed, a message window appears.
To continue writing another movie, click Yes. To end, click No.