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Do VAIO computers have the Fast Boot function?

    Do VAIO computers have the Fast Boot function?

    VAIO computers do not use the Fast Boot function but are designed to boot as fast as possible through the adjustment of various functions.
    Fast Boot is a project to achieve the higher speed of booting by realizing Legacy Free. The faster booting is achieved through omitting the device check at the start of BIOS and relying on OS for the device check process.
    Fast Boot, therefore, works only in the combinations of BIOS, OS and the drivers of peripherals.

    Due to the consideration for compatibility and cost factors, unfortunately, VAIO computers currently available in the market do not fully realize Legacy Free (as of October 17, 2000).

    Based on the Legacy Reduce concept that is to reduce legacy devices, however, the PCG-C1VM series and PCG-SR series do not contain the devices such as a serial port, an infrared port and a built-in floppy disk drive that may negatively affect the booting speed so that their booting speed is accelerated to some extent.

    In addition, models other than the above series have been arranged for the faster booting as much as possible by adopting BIOS that supports the higher-speed booting.
    Please check the booting time of our products at the dealers before your purchasing a VAIO computer.