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How do I convert an analog image into an image in the DV format with a VAIO computer that does not have a DV-analog converting function?

    How do I convert analog images recorded to VHS and 8mm tapes to images in the DV format usable with [DVgate], e.g. on my VAIO computer that is not equipped with the DV-analog converting function?

    To convert your analog images to those in the DV format, please refer to the following methods:

    To use a Sony DV device that is equipped with an analog image input function, convert the analog images into those in the DV format using Sony DV devices such as DV Handycams and some DV decks.
    Images that have been converted into the DV format can be captured into your VAIO computer using [DVgate] from the DV device connected with i.LINK. Furthermore, the Handycam with Digital 8 specifications can convert analog images recorded to 8mm tapes to those in the DV format automatically and output them digitally from the i.LINK terminal of the Handycam.
    * Please refer to the user manual supplied with the DV device for the specifications.