Everything pales in contrast

True reality comes to life with deep black and natural colour. Over 8 million self-illuminating pixels are precisely and individually controlled by the Picture Processor X1™ Extreme processor. Sony's 4K OLED TV creates exquisite, unprecedented contrast.

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OLED contrast comparison

Deeper shadow, brighter highlights

Our OLED screens comprise over 8 million self-illuminating pixels that are precisely and individually controlled. Because each pixel can be activated or turned off completely, the variance between light and dark is greatly enhanced with incredibly deep blacks and dazzling lights. You'll see more accurate detail, depth and textures in dark scenes, making OLED TV especially good for movies.

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Less blur, more sharpness

With pictures created by millions of individually controlled pixels, everything is sharp and clear on OLED - even fast-moving action scenes and sports.

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Natural colours, every angle

On some TVs, pictures can look pale and colourless when viewed from the sides. OLED widens the area of colour reproduction at high brightness so you'll see the same colours from the sides as you do from the centre.

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Theatre-like sound

Sound comes directly from the screen with Sony OLED TVs, precisely aligning what you hear with what you see, making your viewing much more immersive.

Powering Reality

Behind every Sony TV screen there's a wealth of unique signal processing and panel control technologies working to create a picture that takes your breath away.

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Be immersed in sound that moves with the picture

Behind every Sony TV screen there's a wealth of unique signal processing and panel control technologies working to create a picture that takes your breath away

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  • Available in 139 cm (55"), 164 cm (65"), 195 cm (77")
  • 4K High Dynamic Range
  • Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+™
  • Android TV™
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Discover detail, the way the creator intended

See how we've combined our most powerful Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate with Pixel Contrast Booster™ and our unique MASTER Series philosophy to bring the creator’s intent brilliantly to life.

Image  | Processor X1 Ultimate

Ultimate realism

With unmatched processing power, the Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate detects hundreds of different objects on screen and intelligently enhances brightness, detail and colour so everything you watch is clear, bright and incredibly realistic.

Image | Pixel Contrast Booster

Maximising OLED contrast in every colour

Deep black and the natural colour of OLED is paired with Pixel Contrast Booster™ for enhanced colour contrast in high luminance. Everything you watch comes to life with fine detail and vivid colour.

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Enjoy studio quality with Netflix Calibrated Mode

This mode was specially developed to enjoy Netflix originals and reproduce the same picture quality on a TV as on a studio evaluation master. With Netflix Calibrated Mode, the creator's vision and intent is faithfully preserved.

A8G Series


Product Image | A8G

A8G Series

  • Available in 139 cm (55"), 164 cm (65"), 195 cm (77")
  • 4K High Dynamic Range
  • X1_BMDIcons_ReadyForDelivery 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+™
  • Android TV™
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Discover true blacks and immersive sound

See how real 4K entertainment can be when you combine the deep blacks of our latest OLED screen with powerful X1™ Extreme processing and Acoustic Surface Audio™.

Image | Processor X1 Extreme

More power, more performance, more beauty

Our 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme includes powerful real-time image processing for ultra detailed pictures. Images are upscaled closer to true 4K HDR quality.

Image  | Acoustic Surface

Sound-from-Picture Reality™

Unlike most TV speakers, sound comes to you from the entire screen, immersing you in exciting new entertainment experiences. It's picture and sound in perfect harmony.

Transform your viewing with Dolby Vision™

Bring scenes to life with striking highlights, deeper darks and vibrant colours. Dolby Vision is an HDR solution that creates an immersive, engaging cinematic experience in your home.

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With BRAVIA's TV home screen, it's easy to find the content you want to watch.

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Ask your Google Assistant to find your favourites, no remote required.

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With Alexa, you can power up your TV, change channels, control volume and more.

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Connect Google Home for seamless hands-free control of a Sony TV.