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Supported countries/regions/languages and how to use the Google Assistant

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    Supported countries/regions/languages

    The Google Assistant can be used in the following countries/regions/languages. (As of April 2019)

    For Android™ 8.0 Oreo™

    United StatesEnglish (United States) -
    United StatesEspañol (Estados Unidos) -
    CanadaEnglish (Canada) -
    CanadaFrançais -
    MexicoEspañol (México) -
    BrazilPortuguês -
    United KingdomEnglish -
    FranceFrançais (France) -
    GermanyDeutsch (Deutschland) -
    ItalyItaliano (Italia) -
    SpainEspañol -
    NetherlandsNederlands (Nederland)Coming soon
    AustraliaEnglish (Australia) -
    IndiaEnglish (India) -
    IndonesiaIndonesia -
    • The Google Assistant is not compatible with other than the above, such as Français (Belgigue) or English (Singapore).
    • Please update your TV software to the latest version. 

    For Android 7.0 Nougat

    United StatesEnglish -
    United StatesEspañol -
    CanadaEnglish -
    CanadaFrench -
    BrazilPortuguês -
    United KingdomEnglish -
    FranceFrench -
    GermanyGerman -
    ItalyItalian -
    SpainSpanish -
    NetherlandsDutchComing soon
    AustraliaEnglish -
    IndonesiaIndonesia -


    • How to use the Google Assistant, refer here.
    • Voice search can be used in countries/regions/languages where the Google Assistant is unavailable. For details, refer here.

    How to check whether the TV supports the Google Assistant

    If the following is displayed when you press the (MIC) button on the remote control, the TV supports the Google Assistant.

    • The Google Assistant

       [A] The Google Assistant icon
       [B] Hint

    • Voice search


    How to use the Google Assistant

    Refer to the following articles:


    • The Google Assistant or voice search requires an Internet connection.
    • The Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries/regions.


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