Article ID : 00269308 / Last Modified : 29/10/2021

Which device can I use to enjoy TV audio in 360 spatial sound?

    By combining the WLA-NS7 Wireless Transmitter, a TV, and Sony brand headphones, you can enjoy TV audio in personalized 360 spatial sound. As of Oct, 2021, the compatible devices are as follows:

    Note: Not all models are sold in all countries or regions.


    Sony brand headphones

    • WF-1000XM3
    • WF-1000XM4
    • WF-C500
    • WH-1000XM3
    • WH-1000XM4
    • WH-H810
    • WH-H910N
    • WH-XB700
    • WH-XB900N
    • WH-XB910N
    • WI-1000XM2


    • Adjust the volume of the playback content with headphones
    • For the WF-1000XM3 or WF-1000XM4 models, by default you cannot adjust the volume on the headphones. Before using either of these models, you will need to use the Sony | Headphones Connect app to assign the Volume Adjustment function on the Touch Sensor of the headphones