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Troubleshooting using only one unit of the headset (WF-1000XM4)

    If you are experiencing issues when using a single unit of the headset, try the following:

    1. Check the assigned function
      • Depending on the assignment of the touch sensors and/or the Voice Assistant setting, you may only be able to use one unit of the headset.
      • Refer to the following and check the setting in the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app.
        Voice Assistant setting menu itemSpecification
        [Voice Assist Function of Mobile Device]Either unit of the headset can be used.
        [Google Assistant] or [Amazon Alexa]Only the headset unit with the Touch Sensor Control function set to [Playback control] can be used alone.
        Assign the [Playback control] function to the headset unit you want to use alone.
        In the factory settings, [Playback control] is assigned to the right unit.
        When you assign [Playback control] to both headset units, full functionality is only available on the right unit.
        [Do not use]Either unit of the headset can be used.
    2. Make sure both units are fully charged
    3. Reset your headset

    Note: When you play music or other stereo audio while wearing only one unit, you will hear monaural sound with the left and right channels mixed.