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How to record still images?

    Recording still images.

    Still images can be recorded with PictureGear Studio only when the following cameras are used:
    - Cameras built-in VAIO computers
    - DV cameras connected to the i.LINK terminal
    - VAIO cameras (PCGA-VC2/A and PCGA-UVC* series)

    Please refer to the steps below to record still images:
    1. Connect the camera to the VAIO computer.
    For proper connection, please refer to the instruction manual of the camera.
    Note: When connecting multiple cameras to the VAIO computer, please remove unnecessary cameras before recording the images.
    2. Click Start and click All Programs -> PictureGear Studio -> Tool -> [Binder.
    3. Display the Select a Photo window or the Edit Page window.
    For the detailed procedures, please refer to Binder in Help.
    4. Click Take Photo.
    5. Set the desired resolution for the photo.
    The following resolutions are available:
    - 160 x 120
    - 320 x 240
    - 640 x 480
    6. Click Take Photo.
    7. Click OK.

    To record the still image again, click Retake.