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03 September 2015
Sony offers new way to enjoy high-resolution audio on the move

NW-ZX100 Walkman

Sydney, 3 September 2015 - To provide the highest sound quality possible, Sony is introducing the NW-ZX100 Walkman, equipped with a new High-Resolution Audio compatible digital noise cancelling function.

By using Sony's acoustic engineering technologies, Sony's expanding range of High-Resolution Audio products aim to reproduce music just as artists intended, beyond CD quality1. The ZX100 Walkman stays true to form and delivers not only High-Resolution file formats in stunning quality, but also enhances your compressed music files such as MP3 using DSEE HX technology, which complements the treble of compressed sound sources and bit rate beyond their original values up to a region that corresponds to near High-Resolution sound quality.

Aimed at achieving a more delicate and dynamic sound, S-Master HX performs full digital processing of the audio signal to support playback of High-Resolution sound. Headphone driver performance is improved by reducing noise in the High-Resolution sound range, by eliminating the coupling condenser for headphone amplifier output, and by utilising a unique design that incorporates four independent headphone driver power supplies for the positive, negative, and left/right channels.

Offering you more options to listen to your tunes, the ZX100 Walkman incorporates LDAC (low latency codec), a new audio technology from Sony that allows you to enjoy high quality wireless audio via Bluetooth. With three times the data transmitted2, LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience.

The design of the ZX100 Walkman is aimed at achieving the highest quality sound. With its sleek, rounded aluminium frame and bass plate for high rigidity, as well as its high purity lead free solder developed by Sony for high-end audio products, the ZX100 Walkman is able to produce a natural frequency balance. By filling the VIA hole in the printed circuit board with copper, the ZX100 Walkman is able to realise distinct bright and high range vocals, as well as a powerful and firm bass. This unique design stabilises the power line and lowers the impedance of the circuit to produce only the best audio quality.

Keeping you and your extensive music library going is its 45-hour battery life3 and large 128GB internal memory. There is also a microSD card slot to expand the memory, with additional support for micro SDXC cards larger than 64GB.

Pricing and availability

The NW-ZX100 Walkman will be available in Australia from September 2015 onwards for SRP$799.

1 High-Resolution Audio files 96kHz/24 bit contains three times more information
2 Bluetooth A2DP, SBC(328kbps,44.1kHz)
3 45 hours of High-Resolution sound source playback (192kHz/24) and 70 hours of MP3 sound source playback (128kbps) is possible.

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